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Tellure Rôta, 60 years of innovation

The company's growth and development have been tied to innovation ever since the 1950s when its founder, Roberto Lancellotti, introduced wheels with pressed steel disks in place of a cast-iron centre for the first time in Italy. This innovative wheel concept went on to conquer the market.

The production process has been reorganised according to the concept of Lean thinking since 2006, with the aim of optimising customer service. Tellure Rôta already had a C.R.M. system in the mid nineties. This was also evident externally, with our sales agents equipped with IT systems to exchange information with the market in real time.

The presence of an internal R&D laboratory – now accredited and working with major university and private research centres – has kept our focus on possible improvements and new technologies for materials (particularly polyurethane formulations), products and processes.