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Technical features M bracket


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Technical Features:
1) Plate: electrolytically zinc-plated steel plate
2) Fork: electrolytically galvanised steel plate
3) Ball Race Ring: electrolytically galvanised steel plate
4) King pin: incorporated in top plate and cold riveted
5) Swivel actions: double ring of greased balls
6) Dust seal: blue polyethylene

White zinc-plated. The M bracket is compatible 2002/95/CE (RoHS).

Diameters available: 150-160-200 mm
Load capacity: 500 daN




Braked bracket:
Adjustable front-locking brake
Double-action front brake that locks the wheel and the castor at the same time. Thanks to its optimised dimensions and fold-away pedal, the brake is easy to engage and extremely compact. Locking force can be adjusted using an M8 socket screw - 13 mm spanner. The brake for electrowelded castors is an adjustable brake, and consequently adjustment of the brake setting alters product braking efficiency. Before using the product, we suggest you check that the braking setting obtained by means of adjustment is suitable for specific operating requirements..