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Extra-thick polyurethane tread wheels


Extra-thick polyurethane tread wheels


Designed to improve movement and handling of trolleys with heavy loads on uneven surfaces. They represent the ideal choice when a wheel is required with improved ability to overcome obstacles compared to TR polyurethane wheels (series 65) and higher dynamic load capacity than the soft polyurethane TR-ROLL (series 62) wheels.


The extra-thick design of the polyurethane tread guarantees:
- Excellent handling over obstacles
- Reduced effort required to push trolleys
- Excellent performance in manual-mechanical or mechanical-only towing
- Excellent long-term performance, even at high speeds
The 100 and 125 mm diameter wheels can also be used as stabiliser wheels for pallet trucks.


Technical specifications


Die-cast aluminium centre
"TR" polyurethane tread (95 +/- 3 Shore A hardness), extra thick with rounded profile
Hub with ball bearings and bored for ball bearings
Diameters: 100-125-160-180-200 mm; Combined with Tellure Rôta heavy brackets (P, with load capacity up to 750 daN) and electrowelded "Medium Heavy Duty" brackets (EE MHD, with load capacity up to 1000 daN).


For further information:
- Consult the new series 65HT catalogue;
- Contact Tellure Rôta.