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  Sharing news   September 2013  
  Tellure Rôta present 11th Edition of their Sustainability Report  
Altought the current economic situation caused a little decrease of the total turnover, the choices made last year allowed a positive results at the end of the fiscal year and, above all, a stability of the employment, of the sales and technical structure as well as of the investments, whose volume exceeded 1 million Euro. This is a summary of the 2012 activities, reported in the new Sustainability Report, of a company capable of reacting to a challanging marketplace.
"We succeded in mantaining the distringuishing features which make Tellure Rôta an example of good sustainability, that is a company capable to create value for the community in which it operates - says the CEO Elena Lancellotti - We managed, in particular, to keep a high investment rate in research and innovation, thanks to joint-projects with other companies too".
  Increased activity for the TR LAB   New directional lock for heavy duty castors  
  The activity of the TR LAB keeps on growing. Various enquiries from companies of different sectors and from certification Institutes were received over the first half of 2013. They availed themselves of the equipments and of the know-how of the TR Lab for trials and for material researches.
  It is an accessory with the the function to stop the rotation of the housing in a specific position, therefore turning a swivel castor into a fixed one. It is recommended when a few trolleys need to be towed in a line and for both manual and powered handling.

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