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Number 2 - July 2009
Lean Production

1. What is “lean production”? What are the advantages of this production philosophy?
2. Lean production at Tellure Rôta
3. Wheels for lean trolleys


What is “lean production”?

Lean production (or lean manufacturing) is an industrial philosophy based on what is known as the Toyota Production System. It is an approach to manufacturing that aims at producing exactly what customers want and right when they need it.

The 5 principles of lean production are:
1. Value for the customer: performing only activities that create value for the customer;
2. Value flow mapping: identifying the activities that create value;
3. Creating a flow:performing the activities one after the other without interruption, from end to end;
4. Making the customer "pull" the value (pull system): manufacturing only when the customer asks to; in so doing, you produce only what customers want and when they want it;
5. Pursuing perfection: never settling for the results achieved (continuous improvement).

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lean production

Lean production at Tellure Rôta

Between 2006 and 2008, Tellure Rôta reorganized its production processes applying the principles of Lean logic. The main benefits of this changes were:
- Faster deliveries: the average order preparation time was reduced by half;
- Optimization of delivery time reliability: on-time deliveries increased by 20%;
- Increased flexibility of response to market demands;

- Gained more space and improved efficiency.

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lean production

Wheels for lean trolleys

One of the effects of applying lean logic to manufacturing is that production is organized by smaller batches.

This requires the agile handling of goods, using trolleys that can be easily operated by hand.

What are the best wheels for lean trolleys?

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