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Number 7 - May 2010



New M bracket: the right solution for loads from 300 to 500 kg

Why have we introduced it?
In order to optimise load capacities of all wheels with capacities
between 300 and 500 daN.
With the M bracket, Tellure Rôta today offers a complete and optimised range of products regarding the price-performance ratio for load capacities between 100 and 3.500 kg.

How is it made??
It is manufactured based on the design of the existing NL standardsuty castor but with a thicker steel plate.
It can be coupled to wheels with diameter of 150-160-200 mm.

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Ruota serie 62 con supporto M

Technical Features

1) Plate: electrolytically zinc-plated steel plate
2) Fork: electrolytically galvanised steel plate
3) Ball Race Ring: electrolytically galvanised steel plate
4) King pin: incorporated in top plate and cold riveted
5) Swivel actions: double ring of greased balls
6) Dust seal: blue polyethyleneIl.

White zinc-plated. The M bracket is compatible 2002/95/CE (RoHS).

Diameters available: 150-160-200 mm 
Load capacity: 500 daN
Adjustable front-locking brake



Wheel fittings:

The M bracket is coupled to these wheels:
- 60: Injection polyurethane wheels, polyamide 6 centre
- 62: TR-ROLL polyurethane wheels, cast aluminium centre
- 63: Vulkollan wheels, forged steel and cast iron centre
- 64: TR polyrethane wheels, cast iron centre
- 65: TR polyurethane wheels, aluminium and cast iron centre
- 66: TR polyurethane wheels, polyamide 6 centre
- 68: Polyamide 6 solid wheels
- 72: Elastic rubber wheels, aluminium and cast iron centre
- 73: Sigma Elastic rubber wheels, polyamide 6 centre

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Ruota serie 65 con supporto M con freno

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