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Number 5 - November/December 2009
Customer satisfaction

1. Tellure Rôta customer satisfaction survey
2. Summary of results
3. Future actions  


Tellure Rôta customer satisfaction survey

What is it?
It's a survey realised every year to monitor the satisfaction grade of Tellure Rôta customers on various issues concerning customer-supplier relationship (product reliability, service, price...).
How is it organised?
Through an interactive questionnaire we send to all customers who have bought our products during the year. Particular reference is paid to a few parameters which - according to our experience - are particularly important when choosing a supplier. For each of these parameters, we ask our customers to express their evaluation on the importance of the criteria and on Tellure Rôta's performance with reference to the criteria. 

Whom is it sent?
To all customers with e-mail address, equivalent to 56% of customers active during 2009. The participation level was equivalent to 16%, meaning 9% of of active customers for 2009 replied to the survey.

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Result collection

On a scale from 1 to 5 with 1 representing the lowest and 5 the highest, the average rating from overall analysis of customer relations with the company is 4.28
Customers highlighted Tellure Rôta strengths are as follows:
- Product reliability
- Product range
- Order completeness
- Sales support documents
- On time delivery
- Fast and comprehensive response to questions
- Distribution channel customer service
On the other hand, customers highlighted TR weaknesses are as follows:
- Speed of delivery
- Sales terms and conditions
- Service offered by third-party Tellure Rôta-approved transporters
- Product customisation
- Packing and packaging

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Future actions

Results and findings obtained from the client satisfaction survey are essential in helping us to plan our activities for 2010.
We will focus attention on:
- improving delivery times;
- assessing current sales terms and conditions in order to allow greater flexibility;
- analyse the current service provided by our approved transporters;
- optimising packaging.

We thank once againg all customers who have taken oart in our Customer Satisfaction survey, helping us to gauge the service standard provided by Tellure Rôta and to highlight those areas where we need to improve.

Serie 65

Our company will be closed for Christmas shutdown from December, 24th, to January, 6th. Season's Greetings.

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