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Number 9 - July 2011




New "Zama" expander


Developed for optimising the handling of tubular trolleys, which are typically used in factories working a "lean production" system. They offer an ideal solution for modular trolleys.

The "Zama" insert, in comparison to rubber or plastic, allows improved stability, minimun maintenance, no vibrations, higher load capacity, stability when used in areas that have variable temperatures, easy assembly and disassembly on round tubes with diameter from 20 to 24 mm. 


Mounted on series 60, 61, 71

The new Zama expander is suitable for fitting with wheels of 80, 100, 125 mm diam., with bolt hole swivel and swivel brake brackets.

Standard fitting with Tellure Rôta series:
- 60 red injection polyurethane wheels 55 Shore D
- 61 blue injections polyurethane wheels 80 Shore A
- 71 non marking grey thermoplastic rubber.

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