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The Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management system has been updated according to the new standards published in 2015.

ISO 9001:2015

Tellure Rota - certificato ISO 9001

ISO 14001:2015

Tellure Rota - certificato ISO 14001

Occupational health and safety
ISO 45001:2018

Tellure Rota - certificato ISO 18001




Tellure Rôta is the reliable and expert solution for load movement requirements of customers in the industrial, civil and domestic sectors.

Tellure Rôta designs, manufactures and distributes wheels and castors, constantly seeking innovative solutions in terms of products and services and
operating in compliance with the highest ethical and sustainability standards.

To comply with these goals, Tellure Rôta strives to uphold the following values:

- pursuit of total quality in all areas of operations;
- maximisation of the focus on human capital and respect for the environment;
- development solutions that respond perfectly to customer requirements;
- management of the company's business in a perspective that promotes broad-ranging processes capable of integrating the operations of the various sectors in a more flexible, uniform and coherent manner.

In the light of these premises, Tellure Rôta is committed to:

- defining clear and measurable aims and the start of each year;
- periodically assessing results achieved and planning actions to guarantee continual improvement of the system;
- complying with regulations governing health and safety in the workplace, protection of the environment and the development of products;
- avoiding pollution;
- taking care of its people, using the utmost diligence to avoid occupational injuries and sickness;
- promoting research activities in order to offer its customers innovative products featuring ever higher levels of performance;
- maximising customer satisfaction by continually improving the level of service offered through time;
- reduce waste;
- involving and consulting personnel in conducting the company's business, encouraging them to take any initiatives aimed at maximising quality,
respecting the environment, and protecting health and safety in the workplace;
- ensuring that the system is supported by periodic and systematic information, teaching and training activities and initiatives designed to raise awareness among all personnel,
external consultants, and, where appropriate, vendors, contractors and visitors;
- sharing and disseminating the corporate policy to all levels of the company, partners and suppliers, collaborating to improve the level of satisfaction experienced by end customers
and reduce the environmental impact and occupational health and safety hazards deriving from their products and services;
- preventing environmental risks and occupational health and safety risks by means of efficient preventive actions and guaranteeing a clean and efficient workplace;
- choosing recyclable materials wherever possible for the manufacture of products, adopting measures aimed at preserving resources.

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