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Heavy-duty brackets with hardened ball race grooves

Suitable for use under the following conditions:
Mechanical or mixed manual-mechanical handling,
• Recommended speed up to 6 km/h,
• Long duty cycles and intensive usage,
Medium loads and mostly indoor applications.

The fact that the double ball ring is hosted inside a hardened ball race groove ensures minimal play in the swivel head rotation, even in the long term and in case of intensive use. This castor is thus resistant over time, even in case of frequent mechanical handling.

  1. 1) Top Plate: electrolytically galvanised steel plate
  2. 2) Fork: electrolytically galvanised steel plate
  3. 3) Ball Race Ring: electrolytically galvanised steel plate
  4. 4) Dust Seal: dark green polyamide 6
  5. 5) Swivel actions: double ball ring with grease lubrication
  6. 6) Ball race: hardened carbon steel grooves
  7. 7) King pin: steel screw, class 8.8 and stainless steel nut

Available also in the version with rear adjustable brake. Directional lock available as for NL-P castors and footguard for P castors.
The version with fixed plate corresponds to P castors.

The dust seal has been developed to allow further fitting of a grease nipple.

Dimensions and performances

Wheel fittings:


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