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Products for customer's specific requirements

Tellure Rôta designs and implements customised solutions, manufactured according to the specific
requirements of customers.
Thanks to its flexible production system and a specific prototyping department, Tellure Rôta can
make customised products which are then tested in TR Lab to verify their performance.

Some examples of customised projects

62_molleggiato ruota_ascensori ruota_motrice
Sprung bracket for the automotive sector Vulkollan ® wheel with grooves Drive wheel
tripode rivestimento_motoruota tripode
Tripod with elastic polyurethane wheels for moving sets Coating for motorwheels Brackets with customized stem
60_colorata ruota_transpallet 64_gemellato_grande
Thermoplastic material wheel with customized colours Thermoplastic material wheel for the pallet truck sector Wheel with twin electrowelded bracket diam. 400 mm for heavy-duty loads

For further informations, please contact Tellure Rôta.