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Industrial Wheels for High Temperatures

The high temperature industrial wheels are suitable for light and medium loads. They resist to temperatures up to 300 ° C. In addition, they can be combined with a variety of specific temperature resistant supports.

The main characteristics of these products ensure that the wheels have good resistance to moderately aggressive chemicals, frequent washing and humid environments.

The wheels are made of thermosetting phenolic resin, a material that cannot be further melted after being moulded and therefore resists high temperatures, in Polyamide 6 strengthened with glass fibre or silicone rubber.

They are suitable for use in food industries and cooking ovens, especially in the bakery sector, or where washing and sterilization are required.

Industrial wheels for high temperatures are mainly made with the following materials:

  • - Thermosetting phenolic resin
  • - Polyamide 6 reinforced with glass fibre
  • - Silicon rubber
  • - Stainless steel supports