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Industrial Wheels for Heavy-Duty Loads and Mechanical Handling

Heavy duty industrial wheels are useful for handling heavy loads up to 4300 kg. They are suitable for use with both manual and mechanical handling and for speeds up to 16 km/h.

The wheels are made with different materials: TR polyurethane, which guarantees great resistance to wear, laceration and deformation; others made of TR-ROLL elastic polyurethane, which adds to the characteristics of TR polyurethane the ability to overcome obstacles, to avoid noise and to soften vibrations and shocks of the elastic rubber. Wheels made of Vulkollan® Covestro have excellent load capacity and resistance to impact, wear and tear.

They are characterized by excellent smoothness and are mainly used for mechanical handling, but also for mixed manual-mechanical handling. They can be used for industrial internal handling trolleys, AGV trolleys, containers, electric pallet trucks, forklifts, trolleys for the automotive industry.

  • - Heavy duty industrial wheels are mainly made of the following materials:
  • - TR polyurethane
  • - TR-ROLL elastic polyurethane
  • - Vulkollan®
  • - Polyamide 6
  • - Mechanical cast iron

The heavy-duty wheels are combined with different Tellure Rôta supports, from light, to medium, heavy, heavy with hardened tracks, extra heavy, up to electro-welded and double electro-welded for the heavier applications.