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Rollers series 75HS for electric pallet trucks

Specifically designed for::
• assembly on electric pallet trucks, both walk-behind model and with operator on board
• ensuring a longer product life under continuous mechanical handling

Technical features

“TR” polyurethane tread, hardness 95 Shore A, on steel centre
sealed ball bearings 6006 type 2RS, housed in steel seat sized 55x22 mm
• plastic labyrinths with integrated lip, to protect bearings from dust and other elements that could limit their correct functioning over time.

Available sizes and characteristics

• Roller diameter: 85 mm
• Roller length: from 60 to 110 mm
• Bearing seat dimension: 55x22 mm
• Available with labyrinths and bore sizes 12 mm, 17 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm.
• A version with 13 mm hole labyrinths is also available upon demand request, obtained with a reduction tube integrated into the 20 mm hole labyrinth.
• Load capacity at 4 km/h (following ISO 22883:2004): from 480 to 890 daN
• Load capacity at 6 km/h (following ISO 22884:2004): from 390 to 720 daN


- technical information and catalogue

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