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Tellure Rôta has a particularly close relationship with its distributors, supplying them with customized training, marketing tools, and visual merchandising assistance.
The aim is to provide distributors with all the tools they need to best promote Tellure Rôta's products and brand on the market, while always respecting the specific
characteristics and requirements of each individual customer.
tellure rota: formazione


Tellure Rôta periodically organises training courses on distributors' sites to illustrate the technical and performance characteristics of our products, their possible applications and the correct methods of selecting and selling wheels and castors.
The distributors' sales staff thus become qualified consultants in the wheels and casters sector, capable of proposing the best solutions for the individual requirements of each end user.
tellure rota: visual merchandising


Tellure Rôta offers distributors specific advice on how to display the product to its best advantage in their dealerships.
Depending on the customer's exhibition standards, available space, and the product ranges carried, we propose layouts capable of optimising product displays. Merchandising fixtures, posters, banner stands and product description labels are available to customers to optimize their presentation of Tellure Rôta's products and brand.

assistenza promozionale


Catalogues, mini catalogues, price lists and brochures are available to distributors to help them present Tellure Rôta products to end users.
Part of the promotional material can also be customised with the dealer's logo and details.
etichette EAN


On customer request, Tellure Rôta products can be supplied with EAN 13 barcode labels at no extra cost.
In addition, all Tellure Rôta product packs are uniquely identified with an EAN 13 barcode and a package label showing the information necessary to identify the package, its contents and its destination.
gestione ordini


Manufacturing activities are organised according to 'lean production' philosophy, with the Tellure Rôta ERP system providing full traceability of each stage of the process to ensure customers can benefit from reliable and rapid order deliveries.
We also offer a special service for urgent orders (Base Range) and a super-discounted service for large quantities (Industrial Package Service).