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Tellure Rôta proposes a partnership relationship with manufacturers of trolleys and machinery equipped with wheels, supplying products and a range of services, consultancy, and customized handling solutions developed to meet the specific requirements of each customer. The tests conducted in our TR Lab with the latest instruments and equipment guarantee our consistently high quality for our customers and full conformity with industry regulations.


Tellure Rôta's Sales and Technical Service departments aid customers in choosing the products that best meet their needs. If a customized product is needed, the researchers in our TR Lab develop the related dimensional and performance specifications in order to ensure a seamless fit with the customer's application.


A production process organised in accordance with the lean thinking philosophy with full traceability of each step via the Tellure Rôta ERP system allows us to offer customers flexibility in terms of production lots, product marking and packaging. Customer therefore receive products in the form that is most suitable in relation to their own production lines.


The TR Lab performs testing in compliance with international standards applicable to the wheels and castors sector and according to the standards of specific application sectors (e.g. mobile scaffolding or waste containers). The lab is also equipped to conduct specific tests according to customer requirements.

The customers receives a test report with photographic and digital documentation of the tests carried out.