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Operate in harmony with the environment and population

Tellure Rôta conducts its business activities devoting the maximum attention to the environmental and social aspects of its operations.

All materials and treatments used in the manufacturing processes are of the minimum possible environmental impact and compliant with current regulations (including RoHS and REACH).

The company works closely with the institutions in its home tome of Formigine, and undertakes to maintain absolute transparency in its relations with customers, vendors, employees and contractors, disclosing its performance in annual Sustainability Reports.

The attention devoted to the local community leads company to support cultural initiatives and actions undertaken in liaison with non-profit associations, also to promote sharing of competences between the business sector and the community.

You can obtain a pdf copy of the 2022 Sustainability Report by contacting Tellure Rôta. Please click on the image on the right-hand side to read it online.