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Twin electrowelded brackets EEG MHD

Designed to be ergonomic, safe and long-lasting, offering:
excellent maneuverability in the manual handling of heavy loads
improvement of trolley stability facilitating the overcoming of holes, obstacles and rails


They are suitable for use on trolleys with mixed manual-mechanical handling, under an average speed of 6-8 km / h and peaks up to 16 km / h, intended for indoor and outdoor handling, even in the presence of obstacles or uneven floors.
These brackets complete the range of EEG-MHD castors, with dimensions 160 mm and 200 mm additional to the existing 100 mm and 125 mm.

Technical features and performances

1) Plate: forged steel with integrated pin
2) Fork: deep-drawn tips electro-welded to the flange
3) Swivel actions: axial ball bearing and tapered roller bearing
4) Grease nipple
5) Anti-loosening system nut
Available with adjustable rear foot brake (diam. 160-200 mm), operating on wheel rotation only.


- catalogue of wheels with brackets EEG MHD diam. 160-200 mm

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